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Infographics Assignment: Coordination of Healthcare Services

Develop two infographic diagrams for a chosen organization Associated memorandum

Scenario: You were invited as a consultant to assess the cohesiveness of the interdepartmental coordination of healthcare services. The organization tries to improve efficiency and quality of care while reducing overhead and labor expenses. I

  • Select a health organization.
  • You may choose an ambulatory center, long-term care, acute care hospital, rehabilitation facility, physician practice, diagnostic (imaging or lab) facility, or retail pharmacy.
  • Remember that you must utilize a direct patient care organization, not a public health entity, government facility, or administrative organization such as a professional organization (AHA, AMA, etc.).
  • be sure to provide the link to the chosen organization’s website
  • Tell why you chose the organization
  • Select a health organization and demonstrate the interconnected departments within the organization. Follow the pathway of patients’ cases that are processed in the organization from check-in to the end of the encounter, as well as activities relevant to the patient (HINT: coding, billing, insurance claim, and such).
  • Demonstrate a minimum of 12 connections between departments. Identify the subordinator protocols in the decision-making by using arrows. Provide reasoning behind your findings in your associated Memo

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