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What did you find most interesting and/or thought provoking in chapters 6, 7 & 8?

  1. Compare and contrast the difference between experimental, quasi-experimental, and observational studies.
  2. Compare ecological, cross-sectional, and case-control studies with respect to their strengths and weaknesses, and advantages and disadvantages?
  3. Explain cohort and cohort effect.
  4. What are some cohort’s that you are a part of?  What is the effect of those cohorts on you?
  5. Compare and contrast population-based and exposure-based cohort studies.
  6. Take a look at Table 7-6 Examples of Major Cohort Studies, which of the studies listed seems the most interesting and useful to you?  Why?
  7. Explain what is meant by the term relative risk and explain how it is used in cohort studies.
  8. In the hierarchy of study designs why is Experimental Study ranked highest and Anecdote ranked lowest?
  9. What is an example of anecdotal evidence that you have been told by a friend or family member?

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