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CSI Assignment on Forming an Ideal Team for a Scene

A visiting VIP has been raped and murdered in your city. You are a fully trained CSI. You are told, in your initial dispatch and upon arrive by the Officer/Detective contact, that there is a lot of blood inside the scene and it appears that the assault took place over some extended period of time due to the extensive overlapping bloodstain patterns and some obvious attempted clean-up. It is an indoor/outdoor scene and weather is a factor (a storm is coming in).

There is a desktop and laptop at the scene belonging to the victim, and it would appear that there is no forced entry, so possibly the victim knew the perpetrator. The laptop is open and on with email and social media plainly visible. It is your job to form an ideal team for this scene. News media are ALL OVER the scene area stopping and speaking to any-and-everyone they can get their hands on.

  • Discuss your ideal team composition and the qualifications of your team members. Consider how you will prevent, or attempt to limit, contamination at the crime scene, and discuss aspects of securing, preserving, and releasing the scene (you will likely need to extend the boundaries of the scene from the first responding officer’s original work).
  • You will not be the one keeping the entry log, or providing scene security, but you should include those aspects in discussing this scene processing set-up.
  • You do NOT need to get into the actual processing aspect as that will come later in the course.

This discussion is focused on scene logistics, leadership, management, circumstances, and team formation/personnel and applicable stated considerations. Include intext citations from houck

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