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Cholecystitis Case Study Assignment

Carly Smith presented to E.D. c/o severe RUQ abdominal pain which radiated to her back. She admitted to having similar bouts of abdominal pain in the past month, especially after eating fast foods. Physical exam is unremarkable except for RUQ tenderness and sharp inspiratory arrest to light palpation. Abdominal U/S revealed several retained stones in the gallbladder. Admission CBC showed leukocytosis (WBC 14,600). She is diagnosed with acute cholecystitis and is scheduled for a laparoscopic cholecystectomy this afternoon.

  1. What is cholecystitis? How does it relate to our concept of inflammation?
  2. Identify cues from the scenario that confirm a diagnosis of cholecystitis and why?
  3. What questions should the nurse ask the patient while taking a history?
  4. Discuss the diagnostic studies. Why were they ordered? Discuss the findings? Relate to
  5. Discuss the medical management.
  6. Identify 3 priority nursing problems. Discuss interventions for each.
  7. What patient education should the nurse provide to the patient being treated for
    cholecystitis and had a cholecystectomy?

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