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Carbon Footprint Assignment

This assignment, you will calculate your carbon footprint, compare it to the United States average, and then answer a few short answer questions.

First, you will calculate your carbon footprint. You may use any carbon calculator website for this. Some options are:

  • Create a visual (table or chart) summarizing your carbon footprint and comparing it to the U.S. average of 20 tons CO2/year. Include an informative caption for this table or chart. Your chart should be visually appealing and include information in a clear, easy-to-read format.
  • Answer the following questions, using your carbon footprint as well as outside resources as evidence. Please answer each question in a short paragraph (up to 300 words per answer). Please use at least 3 references and include these in APA format.
    1. What is your biggest source of carbon emissions?
    2. What change in your life do you think would reduce your carbon footprint the most?
    3. What are the barriers to or challenges with making the change you mentioned in the previous question?
    4. What incentives would encourage you to make this change? Or what would make it easier for you to make this change?
    5. What were the uncertainties or assumptions within the carbon footprint calculator?
    6. What is the value in the carbon footprint calculator as a model?

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