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World Dance Project – PowerPoint Presentation

Research a dance form that has been covered in the text/slide ( BALLET) decks from this semester. Prepare a power point presentation consisting of at least 10-12 slides that describe the history and relevant information about your chosen dance form. Research should be thorough and based on credible sources.

Please see the rubric and requirements for the project below. Rubric: The rubric will be used to evaluate the presentation.

Content (40 points): ● Accuracy (15 points): The presentation provides accurate information about the chosen dance styles, their origins, cultural significance, and key elements. ● Relevance (10 points): The content is relevant to the topic and aligns with the overall theme of global dances. ● Depth (15 points): The presentation goes beyond surface-level information and delves into the history, traditions, and unique features of each dance style.

Organization (40 points): ● Structure (10 points): The presentation is well-structured, with a clear introduction, main points, and conclusion. ● Transitions (5 points): Smooth transitions are used between different dance styles or sections of the presentation. ● Visual Aids (5 points): Visual aids, such as slides/media, are effectively used to enhance understanding and engagement. Presentations must include at least 2 video examples of the dance chosen. Presentation must have 10-12 slides.

Creativity (20 points): ● Innovative Approach (5 points): The presentation demonstrates creative and

unique ways of presenting information about the dances.


  • Name and Origin: Introduce us to the dance style (what the audience can expect to learn); providing information about the geographical info history/traditions/purpose of the dance style
  • Key Elements: Describe the essential components of the dance, such as movements, music, costumes, and props. Video Example 1
  • Cultural Significance: Explain the cultural context and significance of the dance within the community or region (common human experiences (e.g. death, life, birth, romance, celebration) Video Example 2
  • Compare and contrast: Choose a dance practice from a different culture to compare/contrast with the dance practice of your chosen group project. Thoroughly explain one way they are alike and one way they are different.

In this project you are stepping into the role of a dance historian. Use this project as an opportunity to explore and become expansive in your thinking. Be creative and have fun!