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Week 8 Individual Assignment

Week 8 Individual Assignment:



The purpose of this assignment is to individually evaluate the performance of your project team.


During the course of a project, the project management team makes formal and informal assessments of the project team’s effectiveness. Effective team development strategies and activities are expected to increase the team’s performance, which increases the likelihood of meeting project objectives. As a result of conducting an evaluation of the team’s overall performance, the project management team can identify the specific training, coaching, mentoring, assistance, or changes required to improve the team’s performance. Evaluations help to improve individual skills and competencies that help team members perform better, as well as increase team cohesiveness.

Assignment Prompt

In this assignment, you should reflect on the performance of your group and each individual for the work completed starting in Week 2 through Week 8. You will use the attached evaluation form to assess the effectiveness of your project group.

Assignment Instructions

· Complete the  MS Excel Peer Evaluation Form for you and each team member.

· Save the form as  Week8_IA_yourlastname.