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The Latino Threat Narrative Summary

Read “The Latino Threat Narrative.

Write a one-sentence summary of the reading, following the template below:

  • Sentence Summary Template:  In [title of work], [author’s first and last name], [author’s job title], argues that because [cause of trend], [main idea or problematic trend], leading to [effects of problematic trend], citing [author’s main source of evidence], such as [specific example from the author’s evidence].
  1. Answer the focus question: According to the logic of Chavez’s chapter “The Latino Threat Narrative,” why is Carlos deported in the first place?
  2. Choose a line from the reading that supports your answer.
    • Chavez maintains, for instance, that… (give quote)
  3. Interpret the line you chose above by paraphrasing it and explain its relevance to the film
    • In other words, Chavez makes the point that … (paraphrase the quote), which may help explain…(make explicit the connection to the film)