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Read A Rose for Emily and The Tell Tale Heart.

For this assignment, I want you to brainstorm your ideas for your comparison

and contrast essay. You should read A Rose for Emily and The Tell Tale Heart.

The short stories are included in this module before this assignment. Pay close

attention to Emily in the first story (Faulkner’s story) and the narrator in the

second story (Poe’s story). What are some aspects of their characters that you

can compare and contrast?

Write at least a 200-word paragraph to show me that

you read the stories and have compared/contrasted the characters. This is part

of the planning step in the writing process. Do NOT google/search the stories for

websites like to get information on the two characters from the

short stories. I can tell if you do that instead of reading the stories, and your

grade will reflect your effort. You may type in the text box or do a file upload.