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Part 1: Impacts of Social Media in the Workplace

Part 1: Impacts of Social Media in the Workplace

For thousands of years, people primarily communicated verbally or in writing with individuals or small groups. Now, many people can gather together via social media without directly seeing each other. As a result, social media has produced great changes to how individuals and communities communicate and perceive each other.

Complete the following in a minimum 1-page response:

  1. Briefly define social media, such as Instagram®, Twitter®, Pinterest®, LinkedIn®, and Facebook®, and how it differs from traditional media. In addition, how has social media impacted the workplace?
  2. Given the increased prevalence of social media, how has your personal perspective of multiculturalism and diversity been impacted?
  3. Select an organization you belong to. How do you think your perspective has impacted that organization? How do you feel that others in the organization have been impacted?

Part 2: Evaluating Ethical Implications on Multiple Sides of an IT Issue

As an information technology professional, you are faced with opposing perspectives on ethical issues in your daily work. Research opposing perspectives on ethical issues faced in the information technology field concerning networking. An example might be the difference in perspectives on utilizing biometrics for authentication.

Consider the opposing ethical perspectives on a networking issue in information technology, and complete the following in a minimum 1-page

  1. Identify the issue and the opposing perspectives you have chosen.
  2. Explain the ethical implications inherent in at least two sides of the issue.
  3. Evaluate the multiple ethical implications of the issue by considering how you might act and make decisions in a specific work situation.