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Need Help On Resources Suggestion For Slides For This Project

  • Choose one of the Business Scenario Options to establish the audience and business perspective for your Emerging Technology Analysis Report.
    • Picked NASCAR
  • Consider the Topic Options presented under each of the Emerging Technology Categories and choose one topic option
    • Picked   Blockchain for Data Security

You may use the same topic option previously chosen.



In your role as a consultant in your chosen business scenario, put together a slide presentation for an industry conference that includes:

  • A technical description of the purpose (what it does) and function (how it works) of the topic option
  • How the use of this emerging technology can raise legal concerns
  • How the use of this emerging technology can raise ethical concerns
  • How this emerging technology can be misused
  • How this emerging technology can be protected

Assessment Requirements/Submission Requirement:

  • 10 slides minimum, not including title and reference slides
  • Enough text narrative in the Notes for each slide that would produce a 10-minute presentation
  • Submit in PowerPoint format (download from Google Slides or export from Keynote)
  • 3 scholarly references