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Mobility and ADLS Clinical Project & Presentation

For your clinical project, you are going to be assigned a topic that relates to both your clinical experience and didactic material. The purpose of this assignment is to connect a clinical topic to patient safety and nursing care plans. You are going to research your topic and provide references, create a visual handout (PowerPoint/Prezi/brochure), and connect your material to NCLEX questions. More details instructions are provided below. Pay attention to due dates; this assignment will be broken down into different sections with various due dates throughout your clinical experience. During the last week of clinical, you will present your project to the class during pre/post conference.

Topics will be assigned Week 1 of Clinicals

Presentation Outline:  Create a handout for your audience about your topic presentation. The outline must include the following components:  (worth 2.5 points)

· Limited to one page OR a condensed version of your final presentation

· Include three student learning objectives

· What do you want your audience to learn/gain from your presentation?

· Follow this format for your learning objectives: Students will [verb/action] as demonstrated by [evidence] by the end of this presentation.

· Include an overview of topics covered in presentation  (see below)

· Must have proper grammar/spelling

· Must be easy to follow and clear

Due Date: Week 3 of Clinicals

Reference List: Find a minimum of three references from academic sources to support the research for your presentation. Academic sources include your textbook, reputable medical/nursing websites, and peer-reviewed journal articles. Please submit a reference page in 7th edition APA format to the designated dropbox in Blackboard.    (worth 2.5 points)

Due Date: Week 4 of Clinicals

Presentation: Create a visual to accompany your presentation outline. This can include PowerPoint/Prezi presentations or brochures. The presentation must be interactive and allow for student questions. The presentation should follow what is presented in the outline in a clear and organized fashion. Please include the following topics/components in your presentation:  (worth 8 points)

· Topic Overview

· Definitions and components

· Relate topic to patient safety

· Include two nursing priorities that relate to your topic

· Include three nursing interventions that relate to your topic

· Provide a conclusion/review of your topic

· Allow time for student/instructor questions

 Due Date: Last Week of Clinicals

NCLEX questions on topic

· Create FIVE NCLEX questions on the topic of your presentation with rationales and references  (worth 2 points)

Due Date: Last Week of Clinicals