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Frames and Chasis

Using your problem statement and SAE’s website locate 3 relevant SAE papers for the project/system. Cut and paste the paper number, title, and description into a word document.

Using the Internet/Library etc., find 5 more quality relevant sources to help with your research. These can be papers, articles, books etc. In the same word doc as above, provide the title, description of the source and where I could find this source ie web link, library etc.

The research topic, problem statement and sources are due 3/28/23 at 10am – printed out and brought to class.

Finally, write a 5 page research paper on the project/ topic/ system that you have formulated your problem statement on. The paper needs to be in SAE format which a template can be downloaded from SAE’s website.

The paper needs to be at least 5 pages of body text and needs to contain a reference section which is not part of the 5 pages of body text. Appendixes are optional but always help. Please do not play around with the text size or margins in the SAE format. Doing so will lower your grade since you won’t be following their format.

I have attached the template on how you have to write the paper.