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FA20 IPR Week 4 Film Analysis Paper

Check out this Forbes article on this topic:  Your Move, Hollywood: Are PR People Good Guys Or Bad Guys?Links to an external site.

Film Analysis Paper  Public relations s is a complex field involving a range of disciplines across a number of areas. Generally, these complexities are compounded by differences over the definition of public relations and the absence of a framework to govern its practice. These difficulties are highlighted in many academic studies.

In addition, films and other forms of pop culture reflect these complexities in the way they portray this field and the people working in it. This is significant as, arguably, these films can reflect the perception of public relations in the real world. This assignment aims to analyze the representation of public relations in a film in terms of theory and practice.

Choose ONE from the following list of films and prepare a maximum 5-page double-spaced analysis of how public relations is portrayed.

Insider (1999)


Here’s a great list from PR News to consider: to an external site.

See sample analysis paper.  FA20_IPRwk4_Film_Analysis.docx.