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Effective Staff Development

Identifying symptoms of burnout is a proactive strategy towards effective staff development. This week you will begin developing staff development plans. After reading Chapter 14, you will be able to identify and describe the stages of development for teachers and directors using evidence found in the text and additional resource provided.

Reflection- Think about your personal feelings when you were told that you had to attend some function such as a meeting, a party, or a class, as opposed to the times when you were given a choice. When it was a matter of choice, what were the factors that motivated you to attend? Was it curiosity about who would be there or what would take place? Was it your interest in the topics or activity? Was it to please the person who requested you attend or who told you about the event? Can you analyze your feelings and reactions when you went someplace to please someone else as opposed to the times when you went because you were intrinsically motivated

Stages of Development for Teachers- identify and describe the levels of development for teachers and directors using evidence found in the text, then use the additional resource Chart the Stages of Teacher DevelopmentLinks to an external site.  to examine the differences and similarities between the stages. Did any of the levels/stages resonate with some your professional experiences? What was the outcome?

Professional Development Plan- In your own words, describe the components of an effective professional development plan using evidence from the text. What would this look like for you professionally? What type of learning experiences would you enjoy? Does the director need to have a professional development plan? Explain why or why not.

Training Methods & Resources-Provide a short description of the different training methods mentioned in the text and give examples of each.

Online Learning- Read Working Smart with Technology on page 407 of your text then research to find 2 online learning platforms for early childhood providers, providing a description of each platform, the benefits of each, and links to each site. Be sure to identify how they meet the considerations explained in the text.

Conclusion- How can you motivate reluctant employees to attend training and staff development programs?

Assignment Requirements

  1. Organize your paper using the 6 writing prompts as headings for each section.
  2. Follow APA formatting requirements, and cite resources correctly
  3. Your paper should be double-spaced, 12-pt font, and 3-5 pages in length not including the title and reference page.