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Please write a response to the discussion board question and two responses for the peer posts.



For your initial post, address the following: Consider your role as a professional. Use what you have you’ve learned in this course and this week’s supplemental resources to support your answer and guide you as you discuss the following:

· Which database role would you like best for your professional career, and why?

· What personality traits do you believe will be necessary for that role?

· What role or career path are you hoping to pursue, and how do you plan on using the skills you’ve learned in that role?

· Which specific skills from this course do you believe will be the most beneficial?

· What resources from the course, either supplemental or primary, will you continue to reference?

Respond to  at least two of your classmates’ posts.  Address the following when responding:

· How can you continue to grow as a professional? Be specific in your answer.

· What types of professional resources do you find important that you can share with your classmates? Include a URL when possible.

Your responses should show that you’ve given thought to what your peers’ initial posts stated. Your responses should continue the conversation, offer insights, and ask clarifying questions if necessary.



Hello Everyone,

Congrats on making it to the end of the course!

In my current role of a Field Service Representative and network manager, my professional journey would most likely mirror the job responsibilities of a Database Administrator. The first reason this position was appealing to me was due to the level of responsibility involved with maintaining a critical system, such as a database, and the impact that it can have on any organization if it were to falter. As a field representative, I often see the detrimental impacts that database inefficiencies can have on the network as a whole, potentially grinding work to a halt across the company. In my current role and resembling a DBA, it allows me to be able to make proactive changes to optimize and manage various databases to ensure smooth network operations and reduce downtime. To be successful in this career path, there are many essential skills including attention to detail, problem-solving, and proactively making changes or forecasting changes. In dealing with multiple databases at a time, it is important to be meticulous in your approach while also preserving the security of the network. Additionally, problem-solving skills are required since you are mostly in charge of troubleshooting and implementing patches to get the network back online if there is a problem.

Looking forward, I am looking to build upon the fundamentals taught in this course and continue my pursuit of my Bachelor’s degree and additional certifications. I am fortunate to work for a growing company with ample opportunity for vertical or lateral movement base on my desires and training capabilities. One future role that I would like to consider is to become a Data Architect and truly dive into data management. To break into this space, I believe this course has given me a better understanding of database design, normalization, and query optimization that I can take with me and expand upon in future courses. Specifically, having the ability to practice database design principles and SQL tasks will allow for me to build scalable databases in the future while interacting with one of the most popular languages through which these databases are created.

Looking at professional resources, I am big on using YouTube as a method for learning various things. For anyone that has a learning style that is best being shown the various steps rather than reading and not understanding steps, YouTube is a great resource. Additionally, there are a plethora of case studies and training programs related to databases that I encourage everyone to look into. Some of these resources are available in the Shapiro Library or at numerous websites that are free online. Congrats again everyone and best of luck in your futures!




If I were to specialize in databases, the role I would like best for my professional career would be as a Data Engineer. The 2 positions I find the best suited for me would be as an analytic business consultant or a data engineer so what makes me choose the data engineer would be that they dive a little deeper into the field as the architect and manager of the database. As a Data engineer I would need to be a detail oriented, problem solver with good communication and critical thinking skills also I would need to be able to collaborate effectively within the teams I’m assigned.

The career path I’m working toward is Cybersecurity. The skills I’ve learned in this course will help me to better understand how databases are built and managed and it is generally good to understand platforms I can potentially be responsible for securing. The specific skill from this course that will help me as I pursuit my career in cybersecurity is attention to detail and how to research information or topics I might not understand or have much experience with. Some of the supplemental resources I’m sure I will reference include the MySQL coding sites, YouTube and khan academy.