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Create a plan of instruction to address the literacy challenges

Create a plan of instruction to address the literacy challenges for the following:

Sarah is a third-grade student who has been quietly struggling with reading comprehension. Despite receiving instruction in phonics and decoding skills, she continues to have difficulty understanding and retaining the meaning of the texts she reads. However, due to her timid personality, it has only recently become apparent that Sarah is becoming frustrated during reading activities and expressing feelings of inadequacy compared to her more fluent classmates.

Must be 3 pages and use proper citations. Include the following information:

○ Summary of the strategies used by good readers before, during, and after reading and how the subject matter of your case study fall short in in terms of reading comprehension

○ Create a plan of instruction to address the subject’s comprehension challenges before, during, and after reading. Consider strategies such as differentiated instruction, scaffolding, or use of evidence-based strategies mentioned in the reading.

○ LIKE THESE : Monitoring Comprehension, Connecting to World Knowledge, Predicting, Recognizing Text Structure, Asking Questions, Answering Questions, Constructing Mental Images, Summarizing

○ Reflect on the rationale behind their instructional choices and strategies.Justify why each selected strategy is appropriate for addressing the specific literacy challenges identified in the case study.