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CIMA 706 Discussion

Final Discussion Posting for:  “Managing Change in the Educational Environment”


To share your culminating thoughts regarding what you have learned in CIMA 706.


1. Please submit a 2 page summation/reflection of your experience in this course

2. Include in-text citations from your book or other sources aligned to your comments.

3. Include a cover page in NSU format plus reference page aligned to in-text citations.

Your final thoughts should incorporate answers to the following queries:

1.  What top 2 ideas/concepts did you learn in this course and how did they change you thinking? (  Mezirow’s Theory of Transformational Learning Theory and Transformative Pedagogy)

2.  What is the one thing you learned about managing change that surprised you the most?

· Support your comments with citations from your textbook

Senge, P., Cambron-McCabe, N., Lucas, T., Kleiner,A., Dutton, J., & Smith, B. (2012). Schools that learn: A fifth discipline fieldbook for educators,parents, and everyone who cares about education. New York, NY: Doubleday

3. What was my AHA moment?  Please explain what it was and why it surprised you!!

· Support your comments with citations from your textbook

4. How specifically will you apply what you learned in this course to your current or future work in education?

5.  What are the key concepts of being a change agent that you recognize that you have and will continue to improve upon?

6.  What key concepts of managing change did you learn for the first time but will seek to develop more in the future?

7.  What topics do you wish you could have learned more about in this course and why?

8.  What did you enjoy most about this course?

9.  What were your biggest challenges in understanding change management in education? Why were they challenging?