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Business case: Blue Hills Water Authority

Water systems are important for the health and stability of the nation. Bule Hills Water Authority is the local one. Blue Hills Water Distribution Management System (DMS) has been used to monitor and control the water distribution system. DMS systems collect data from sensors and other devices in the distribution system, such as pressure gauges and flow meters. This data is used to identify and locate leaks, monitor water pressure, and optimize water distribution.

QUESTION 1: Draw the block diagram for the Embedded system that you would propose to improve the Blue Hills Water DMS.  Your diagram must have the memory, sensors, actuators, human interface, analog  digital converters and processor. You name must be on the diagram.

QUESTION 2: You are going to propose a solution for how the Develop the Embedded OS for the proposed Embedded for Blue Hills Water DMS  in question 1. Would you prefer to take an existing OS and adapt it or design and implement a customized/ tailored OS for the New Embedded Blue Hills Water DMS?  Explain your solution with Advantages and disadvantages.

QUESTION 3: Blue Hills   Water Authority decided to use Smart Water Meters on customer premises. They ask you to use Purpose-Built Embedded OS for these devices. Your OS will provide the following.

  • operate with limited resources.
  • adapt to hardware evolution.
  • support a wide range of applications.
  • support a diverse set of platforms be robust.

What kind of Embedded OS you would recommend?  Explain your solution.

QUESTION 4:  Blue Hills Water managers would like to reduce IT operating costs, increase productivity, and simplify data center management. So, they would like to have one physical hardware that can run multiple OS and applications for the Water Distribution Management System. They would like to run multiple operating systems on a single computer.  What is your solution for this request?