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Assume that you are designing a network architecture for a complex enterprise …

Assume that you are designing a network architecture for a complex enterprise with a
diverse application, user community, and end-user device mix. This enterprise has
exposure to the Internet in addition to providing remote access for employees to internal
sites via a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

2. Choose a specialty topic from Module 7: Week 7 (Cellular Security, Cloud Security,
Optical Wireless Security, RFID Security, Industrial Security, Bluetooth Security, or
Internet of Things (IOT) Security). Sample references are included in Blackboard. Note
that any other topic besides these must be approved in advance by the instructor.
3. Create a network diagram for the fictitious Liberty Beverages Corporation using any
diagramming tool you wish (e.g., Visio, MS Paint, application at for
the diagram– but be sure to paste a standard image (e.g., JPG, PNG) of it in the final
report. Include at least the following elements:
a. Remote devices used by employees and vendors
b. Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) facing externally
c. Firewall(s)
d. IDS/IPS solution
f. Components integrated from chosen specialty topic
4. Describe and define the following security threats with at least a paragraph each. Also
describe what makes each vulnerability a threat and impact to the business.
a. Denial of Service (DOS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks
b. Worms, virus, Trojan horses, and other malware.
c. Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks
d. Rootkit injections
e. Misconfiguration of remote mobile devices
5. Document how five (5) or more components and measures in the network architecture, as
well as host-based measures, address the security threats from the previous step. The
components could be a combination of software or hardware in nature – such as firewalls,

IDS/IPS, routers, switches, anti-virus/malware software, full-disk encryption (FDE) and
encryption in transit, remote device management software, etc.
6. Describe in three (3) or more paragraphs the specific security threats regarding the
specialty topic you chose. These are in addition to those from step 4.
7. Describe in three (3) or more paragraphs the security controls (and their rationale for
inclusion) that you will implement to mitigate against the security threats of the chosen
8. Beyond the network design, what additional procedural/governance measures do you
recommend to address security concerns (e.g., training, procedures, policies)? Describe in
two (2) or more paragraphs at least one measure.
9. Describe in one or more paragraphs how biblical principles come to bear with your
proposed design and approach. Include specific scriptural references.
Write a project report in a research-based paper in current APA format that includes all the
instructions described above. It must be ten (10) or more double-spaced pages of content. The
assignment must also include a title page, as well as a reference page with at least 10 references in
addition to the course textbook and the Bible.