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Assignment: Part 3 Due, Quality Benchmark Project Proposal

Continue to work on the quality benchmark proposal you started in weeks 1 & 2.  When you have completed Part 3 of your assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to this drop box.

Part 3: Part 3 requires minimum of 2 additional pages. Use instructor feedback from Week 5 and improve Part 2, then add 2 more body content pages for a total of 6 pages in Week 9. You WILL have a conclusion for Part 3. All format must be in 7th edition APA.

Use the instructor feedback given you in parts 1 & 2 to improve your writing  prior to adding part 3 for the final submission, especially if you have been given APA feedback. Your instructor will be comparing the feedback given in Week 5 to what you submit in Week 9. If your instructor does not see the requested improvements made, you will get a ‘0’ on this assignment. There is an logical expectation to see growth in your writing from week to week.

For the continued body of your paper, address the following objectives and separate using distinct paragraph headers:

· Explain quality management issues you anticipate within the framework of public policy or regulatory procedures

· 3 or more potential barriers you may encounter when addressing your quality issue

· Identify positive or negative effects your quality issue has on nursing practice

For the conclusion:

· Sum up the paper without introducing new information in one complete paragraph.

· Draw conclusions based on your research and integrate professional opinion.

*Important: Use the  Sample Paper as a template to format your assignment to prevent unnecessary point deduction.