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Assignment – Cloud Computing

Assignment – Cloud Computing

In two paragraphs, describe the most important concept you learned in Chapter 20 and why it is important to you and your professional development. Apply all APA 7th edition student paper requirements.

Research Paper Requirements:  

· Paper should be approximately 250 – 350 words, not including the title page and reference page.

· Use Times New Roman, size 12 font throughout the paper.

· Apply APA 7th edition style and include three major sections: the Title Page, Main Body, and References. See the  Paper Elements and Format section of your APA manual for details.

· A minimum of two scholarly journal articles (besides your textbook) are required. See  UC Library Tutorials .

· Writing should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the materials and address all required elements.

· Writing should use exceptional language that skillfully communicates meaning to the readers with clarity and fluency and is virtually error-free.

· Save as a Word document.